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Date Archives: March 4th, 2016

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There are numerous reasons why a property sells quickly or not at all.  You've probably heard most of them - location, price, size, school system, recent updates, et cetera.  These are all important - if a property is placed in the middle of a landfill and is overpriced by $100,000 odds are it isn't going to excite many home buyers out there.


But I'm here to tell you a little secret - there is one thing that will make any property, regardless of location or price point, stand out above the crowd.  Landscaping?  Staging?  Baking cookies for a showing?  All nope!  Ready for it?  Are you sure? 




Seems like a no-brainer, right?  It's not.  Not too many of us have the luxury of placing our home on the market without having to live in it at the same time.  However, you have to put yourself in a potential buyer's position. What you think they want to see when viewing your home?  You want them to focus on the unique qualities of your home and envision themselves living there for many years to come. 


After being in countless homes I can tell you what they don't want to see:  your laundry, dishes, dust bunnies, crumbs, pet hair, and more.  Unfortunately, for the time your home is on the market you are no longer allowed to "live" in it.  It needs to remain near spotless, ready to show, and a showcase where everything is in its place all the time.  This is only for a short time and is imperative to reach your goal of a quick sale.  Potential buyers also don't want to smell:  pets, smoke, and/or strong scents (probably used to cover up pet or smoke smell).


Is this easy?  Heck no!  I personally have two kids, two cats, and a dog in the house so believe me when I say - "I understand the struggle."  Home buyers are distracted by all of these little things and they will be in the front of their minds when speaking later about your home.  I routinely hear them describe houses not by the address or the good things about the home but rather the "cat pee house", or the "musty house", or simply, that "one really dirty house."


In the back of my mind when viewing a less than clean home I wonder that if the current owner can't run a sweeper or pick up after themselves then what about regular maintenance or any major issues that may have come up?  Have they serviced the furnace or AC unit in the last 15 years?  Have they correctly fixed any issues or just cheaply patched things up?


It has also been my experience that when home buyers see these issues they will overestimate the cost to repair or replace certain items.  In turn this will either lead them to submit a rather low offer or turn them away from even making one.


So, what to do from here?  Here are specific tips that will go a long way to make your home shine above the rest! 

  • Repair any glaring issues - broken cabinets, chipped paint, damaged light fixtures.
  • Consider a new coat of paint - makes things smell "new" and covers small blemishes.
  • Declutter - make your home seem as big as possible.
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean windows
  • Organize cabinets/closets - too much stuff?  Consider a storage unit for the time being.
  • Keep yard freshly cut
  • Weed and mulch any flower beds


While we typically ask for at least 24 hours notice before showing a property I like to suggest people create a "20-minute plan."  Worse-case scenario, what would you have to do if someone wanted to view your home in only 20 minutes?  This will keep the condition of your home "in check" as you go about your week.


As always, this and more information can be found at our website at  Our agents can also provide you with a FREE Comparative Market Analysis to determine the market price for your home and include suggestions for preparing your home for sale...just ask!